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Department of Microbiology

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Microbiology is the study of microorganisms-Living things that are too small to be seen by unaided eye. Throughout history, microorganisms have had a huge impact on human affairs. These tiny creatures that we cannot see are changing the definition of life itself.

The department has a well-equipped laboratory which caters to the needs of the undergraduate and post-graduate students. The laboratory is equipped with the advanced equipment and necessary apparatus which include Light microscopes of excellent quality, adequate number of centrifuges, colorimeters, orbital shakers, electrophoresis apparatus, UV visible spectrophotometer and Lyophilzer. There is a department library with a collection of several hundred books which students can utilize. New books are added to the collection every year
Industrial visits, Guest lectures, Seminars and workshops arranged periodically to help students keep pace with the industry. Staff and students of the department keep themselves updated by participating in several International and National seminars where they also present their research work.

Excellent job opportunities are available for a well-qualified micro-biologist. Some of the positions are as follows:

  • + Biomedical Scientist
  • + Clinical Research Associate
  • + Clinical Research Associate
  • + Food technologists
  • + Microbiologists
  • + Pharmacologists
  • + Physician Associate
  • + Research Scientist
  • + Scientific laboratory Technician
  • + Medical Transcription
  • + Quality Control Manager
  • + Medical Codinge
  • + Clinical and veterinary Microbiologist


  • + A center of excellence for training and research in Microbiology


The mission is to ensure that Microbiology is positively visible thereby ensuring that the contribution of Microbial Science and Technology is integrated in the decision making of society and to provide education for production graduated student with quality and morality, perform research and laboratory service with international excellence to be a pre-eminence in the discipline of Microbiology to lead the society.

Courses Offered

  • + B.Sc (Microbiology)
  • + M.Sc.(Microbiology)
  • + M.Phil. (Full Time) & (Part Time)

Highlights - Academics

  • + 63 University Ranks with 9 Gold medals since inception
  • + Summer internship are arranged for practical learning in hospitals and industries
  • + Focus on skill development from first semester onwards
  • + Placement oriented training